Flow home

Depending on the day, and my mood, I am known as:

  • Freddy Flow, the oldest rapper in captivity
  • The Very Most Reverend Freddy Flow, a southern preacher on the lam(b?)
  • The FrEditor, the persnickety parser of prose

Note: We’re also home to the Most Perspiring Blogger Award.

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Check out some of my redoutable hip hop ditties (or whatever y’all kids call them nowadays)… For more, see Hop hip.

2 thoughts on “Flow home

  1. Thanks for generously awarding me The Most Perspiring Blogger Award. I have finally responded with the mother of all award posts – and you are featured in it. Drop by and check out all the awesome things I have to say about you! Erm, I also adapted the rules a bit and decided to slander/libel you instead of my significant other. I don’t have to live with you. http://paltrymeanderings.com/ Thanks again!


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