Light verse! Leap from that hearse!


On the publication of :

Shine On: The Last Gleaming of Light Verse

Light verse! Leap from that hearse!
Still some jones in them bones; show some stones and rock the joint.
Anoint a new breed of leader, read the entrails, never fail to seize the diem, carp the day,
this way lies not madness but superfly badness, this fad’s not faded, just unaided;

While jaded Gen Xers genuflect rap-ward, steal the pap back,
lay down a new hop hip track, light is the new black,
Brand New Heavies at the levee but the light verse is fly, you go guy,
hurl back the covers, hitch your star to a four-beat bar,
and put the hos and gatts and pimps and nines and 40 ounces down for the count,
mount this one-trick pony in this one-horse town, and ride, just ride, just ride.


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