Full can of Fix-a-Flat

Hop hip, New

I’m flat broke but I’m fixing to fix that,
Got me a monkey wrench and a full can of Fix-a-Flat.
Gonna do some damage, got a bad case of mange
I’m ready to share with y’all, feeling deranged.

Froth at the mouth but no frothy Santorum mix
Ix-nay butt play, squeal like a pig, bunch of hicks
tried to convince me the world is flat,
I said no, It’s a cube, dude, on the back of a giant rat.

I saw some sneaking through the alley with Sally,
Chicago mammals they big, I took me a tally.
Counted to 10 but could’ve been more,
Couldn’t get my socks off to count 10 more.


6 thoughts on “Full can of Fix-a-Flat

      1. “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley.” Early Robert Palmer, before he got all “Power chords and suits in front of excessively-lipsticked, bored models.” Shoot. Thought it was on purpose. I probably don’t win anything now, do I.


      2. No, actually you win an award for correcting my error: I thought that was a Stevie Wonder song, not Robert Palmer. Quite a sea change from his later oeuvre, indeed!

        So… (drum roll)… You have been nominated for the Most Perspiring Blogger Award! Enjoy, and please accept this complimentary towel (no really, please)…


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