Best Thing Ever: Fashion in the 70’s


Wait, you forgot “Disco Duck!”

Famine of Fashion

Fashion, music, everything was based on the disco theme in the 70’s. In the 70’s the zeitgeist was hippy, rainbow, flowers, and such but also disco madness. When you think of disco I bet that a picture of some dude with an afro and a leisure suit pops into your head but in reality it was a time of fear (because of the russians and the high oil prices) and fashion. As the great Anna Wintour put it, “you would have to walk around with a paper bag over your head not to know that something amazing was happening in fashion.”

Changes were happening in fashion and the world at large. Looking closely at the 60’s you see an array of formal yet colorful clothing but when you move on to the 70’s things start to get wild and crazy. Some of the memorable trends include daisy dukes, fringes, suede…

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“Gonna have to potty train the Chairman Mao”


Well I’m movin’ down to Florida.
And you know that I’m gonna hafta potty train the chairman Mao.
And I’m gonna make the governor write my doodoo a letter, child.
And then I’m gonna grind me a White Castle slider out of India’s sacred cow.

Butthole Surfers