OPRF poets show it, blow minds, leave mental detritus behind, toss the rind


Written in honor of the Oak Park-River Forest High School Spoken Word poets (and their leader, Peter Kahn)

No wrath of Khan; the youths of Kahn
Like wraiths, bring back beats from beyond
Finger-snappin’ good, be-bop Thelonious
Can’t stop these heirs apparent, gob-stopped the phony us.

Render lies abhorrent, lines transparent; rip a rent
In the fabric of life, snap strife in two; heaven-sent
syllables, Hell-bent, launched like treys into cold ether,
never miss, make it take it, making heathens believers,
Leave or else they’ll drag it all out of you,
Stewed in your own juices, no way to elude truth.

Brutal beauty, undiluted, never refuted,
Hit with hard words the always deluded.
Verbal smack-down, clowns get tossed out,
PK’s crew never gets bossed about.
Louts get bombed by a quiet but deadly move
10-round bout, TKO, crowd never booed.