Rhinestone jockstrap

Hop hip, New

Rhinestone jockstrap, shooting guard got lit up.
Necessary evil, boll weevil in a tin cup.
Got cottonmouth running too many wind sprints,
Known as Butterfingers for all of the dropped hints.

Junkyard dogs got bawled out, chickens choked,
Lambs to the slaughter, Alfred Alligator okeefeenoked.
Pig in a poke, hope is a thing with feathers,
Cow didn’t get the joke, now hanging on tethers.

Hell bent for pleather, whether you agree or not,
Weathervane stuck south, vanity calls the shots.
Potted meat your maker, Satanic liverwurst,
Salman Rushdie got bum-rushed at Bensonhurst.

Keepin’ it real, got a new set of falsies,
Added a Winona Ryder to all of my policies.


4 thoughts on “Rhinestone jockstrap

    1. “Damage” is my middle name (or is it “da Mange?”) Anyway, grazie! I might have to steal your couplet. Found you via Byronic Man, I dig your take on life and such…


      1. Byronic is “da sheeit” as the kids like to say. I was crushed when I didn’t win his rock band naming contest. I would’ve won, but was not permitted to vote for myself more than once. No justice.


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